Companies: the learned art of teleworking

In an interim company filmed by France Télévisions, we take turns to telework: at least one in five employees comes to the office every day. The company operates at its cruising speed by employing 20,000 temporary workers per month, and not everything can be dematerialized, in particular because “there are quite a few companies that continue to pay by check […] and therefore we can not help but treat them physically“, explains Hugues Berly, the administrative and financial director. Also, one of the bookkeepers is on the site three times a week to cash checks; her presence is essential.

These dayshere, the most numerous employees are those of the legal department. Alexia Patureau, lawyer, takes her files home two days a week, and admits that she would have a hard time being “100% teleworking“. For these reasons, the CEO, Alexandre Pham, wants to keep control of the organization of teleworking.”We try to do as much as possible on a case by case basis“, adds the latter. The negotiations on telework between unions and employers should be concluded Monday, November 23.

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