Companies: the difficult repayment of the loan guaranteed by the State for some SMEs

Michael Magen, who founded a dog gym last year, took out a state guaranteed loan (PGE) of 26,000 euros last November. This enabled him to pay his rent. But even if he can defer reimbursement for a year, he fears for his business. “We will not be able to reimburse the EMP. We have many questions which are linked to the little visibility we have on the future, we do not know when the curfew will be interrupted”, deplores Michael Magen.

8% of business owners who have taken out a loan guaranteed by the State fear that they will not be able to repay it. Conversely, 68% touched it little or not. In an aromatherapy SME, the boss, Laurent Berlie, received 350,000 euros. This loan was taken out during the first confinement, when the company saw its sales fall. Business has since picked up. “We used half of the EMP for cash flow”, is satisfied with the entrepreneur, who plans to repay the loan over several years, like 60% of SMEs having contracted an EMP.

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