Companies: the deceptive bankruptcy figures

Thanks to the aid deployed by the State, France has never recorded so few bankruptcies as in 2020, a situation difficult to believe in view of the economic crisis that is hitting the country. “It’s completely paradoxical, explains Anne Sylvain on the France 3 set, according to the commercial courts there have been 7,465 business failures over the past three months, that is -37% compared to last year, over the same period “.

This is the consequence of state aid, “companies are on a drip, there is partial activity, aid from the solidarity fund, exemptions from charges, loans guaranteed by the State, companies which in ordinary times should have been placed in reorganization or liquidation have been maintained “, explains Anne Sylvain. All sectors are concerned. However, the aids will eventually stop and “we should see a wave of failures in 2021, 62,000 according to the Euler Hermes firm, or 32%, failures are therefore just delayed”, concludes the journalist.

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