Companies: strike at the Carambar factory

The most greedy should they prepare for a shortage of packets of Carambar? Employees of the Marcq-en-Baroeul (North) plant are protesting against the closure of the site and their reclassification in a neighboring plant. Their salaries would indeed be reduced, up to -25% according to the unions. “I lose about 540 euros, testifies Benoit Brenne, maintenance agent. Behind I have my children, there is the house, the bills“.”You can’t tell someone overnight, ‘you’re going to leave but for 300, 400, even 800 euros less‘”, adds Fayçal Rahali, South trade unionist.

Management refers to temporary bonuses to compensate for this drop in wages. While waiting for a change in the discussions between management and the social partners, no candy leaves the factory. 16 tons of carambar were produced only the week of January 11, compared to 120 in normal times. Some ranges of the famous caramel candy are even starting to run out in supermarkets.

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