Companies: SFR teleworking employees deprived of meal vouchers

For some employees of SFR, health crisis also rhymes with food resourcefulness. Xavier Courtillat, employee of the telephone operator, has been teleworking since March 2020. At noon, he has lunch at home and since he no longer has restaurant tickets, everything is now at his expense. “I have some dishes with vegetables which are prepared here from chicken”, he explains, revealing the contents of his refrigerator. “(…) We easily have five or six euros more per meal per day, and per person”, i.e. a difference of “more than one hundred euros” per month.

The decision to cut restaurant tickets is incomprehensible for Xavier Courtillat, also a union delegate, especially in the midst of a crisis. “For some of the lowest salaries, less than 2,000 euros, it is extremely heavy to bear and they cannot accept that it is lost permanently.” 2,000 SFR employees no longer benefit from meal vouchers, according to the unions.

Illegal? Not necessarily. “A company agreement can perfectly well provide for the conditions for the allocation of these meal vouchers, which depend on the distance between home and the workplace”, explains Me. Deborah David, lawyer specializing in labor law. SFR, contacted by France Télévisions, claims to allocate to each telework employee the sum of 100 euros per year

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