Companies: salary increases of more than 2% this year

The period of compulsory annual negotiations opens, and the news is rather good for the employees. Three studies released in recent days confirm a trend: wages will increase slightly in 2022, on average by around 2.5% according to forecasting organizations.

Big news: while in recent years, individual increases have prevailed, Alixio predicts that the part devoted to general increases will be the one that will increase the most. Proof that companies have taken inflation into account, which is 3%. The wages must follow.

But there are also other reasons for these increases: job shortages. According to the firm Deloitte, wages are expected to rise in industry, chemicals, health, consumption, distribution, financial services and all digital professions. In large companies, one in two foresees general increases of at least 1.5% and wants to inflate the amounts of participation and profit-sharing. But also in SMEs, where one in three business leaders announces wage increases.

In the health sector, the 73,000 carers in the private non-profit sector will experience a net salary increase of 183 euros, like caregivers in the public sector, all this within the framework of the Ségur de la santé. This mainly concerns employees of home care services and those of establishments welcoming people with disabilities.

Salaries will also rise in restaurants and transport. In the hotel and catering industry, a new salary scale is now in place. It provides for a salary increase of 16.33 euros per day and a minimum wage 5% higher than the minimum wage. In the transport sector, wages have just been reassessed by 1.6%. There will be an increase in the annual premium for employees. Finally, some officials, those in category C, will receive a monthly increase of 40 to 100 euros net. These are, for example, public finance officers, prison supervisors and ATSEMs in nursery schools.

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