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The Minister of the Economy and Finance, Bruno Le Maire, received on the morning of Monday, August 30 the representatives of the professionals concerned by the solidarity fund. Aid will be maintained at least until the end of September.

The solidarity fund, “which has already helped more than two million companies to the tune of 35 billion euros“, will be “removed to be replaced by another device, the device says fixed costs“from October, explains journalist Alexandre Peyrout, live from Bercy (Paris) on Monday August 30.”Clearly, if the costs of a company are greater than its income, the State will cover part of its losses, between 70 and 90% depending on the size of the company. the company“, adds the journalist.

The objective is “help businesses that need it most“by targeting subsidies.”Clearly, do it on a case-by-case basis to prevent the entire economy from being on a drip“, clarifies the journalist. A new meeting to assess the new measures is scheduled for November 1. Since the start of the health crisis, the state has disbursed more than 80 billion euros in aid.

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