Companies: in times of crisis, HRDs are on the front line

In these times of health crisis, the HRDs (directors of human resources), on the front line, manage complicated situations. After the murder of a HRD in Ardèche, Thursday January 28, the profession feels threatened. They are often the ones who announce the bad news. “The HRD becomes a scapegoat for the company, we may not be able to kill a company, but there are mad people who kill a HRD, it’s awful but it happens. There is a zone of risks in this work “, explains Jean-Christophe Sciberras, HR Director for large groups for 25 years.

Some of them tell of persistent tensions because of the lack of visibility in the future, due to the pandemic. At the head of the association of French HRDs, Audrey Richard sees real suffering from her colleagues. “We have set up a psychological listening unit for several years, and we see that in January, we receive many more calls. So indeed, the HRDs are going through difficult times. The HRD is there to help. everyone in the company, but in the end, who’s there for him? “, summarizes the president of the ANDRH (National Association of HRDs).

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