Companies: Finstart offers jobs to freelancers

All summer in It’s my job, original business ideas, business creations that respond to the times. Tuesday, August 2, the portrait of Pierre Lévy, who created “Finstart”, to stick to a new need for companies: to work for freelancers.

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The need arose with the health crisis. Thousands of employees, specializing in figures, accounting, finance, risk, compliance, have decided to become independent. And on the other side, thousands of companies are looking for these experts, but are reluctant to hire them full time. Hence the idea of ​​creating a “marketplace”which allows these specialists to find clients and companies to find experts.

“It’s a need that already existed in a very widespread way in IT. And now, it has also taken hold in the finance professions.”

Pierre Levy

at franceinfo

“The Covid has been there. People have thought about how they want to live their professional life and it has paved this way towards freelancing and all that is independent.” says Pierre Lévy, creator of Finstart, a platform that came at the right time, in the midst of changes in the world of work. The platform meets a need of independent experts, but also of companies.

The company was in balance from the first year. A dozen people now work there, in particular to constantly recruit new corporate clients. Finstart has raised funds to accelerate its development. Already with international ambitions. Pierre Lévy has created a way to bring finance experts closer to companies who need their skills.

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