Compact, secure A3 printer for businesses

HP LaserJet Pro M706n is an outstanding A3-sized printer with compact size, easy operation when printing with mobile devices and many security modes suitable for businesses.

Compact size, easy to operate when printing with mobile devices

Despite being an A3 size printer, the HP LaserJet Pro M706n is extremely compact with a width of only 50cm. The machine can be placed in many different positions in the office, on the desk or on the printer shelf to save space, suitable even for office spaces that are not too spacious.

The HP LaserJet Pro M706n A3 printer has a built-in Ethernet port that makes setting up business printing convenient and fast. The product also integrates HP ePrint technology that allows remote printing anytime, anywhere from smartphones, tablets, laptops… Manipulating printing with mobile devices is extremely easy, thereby helping to Workflow is smooth, saving time.

Suitable for SMB model, working group of 15-20 people

HP LaserJet Pro M706n is recommended for use with SMB models, workgroups of 15-20 people with a print volume of 4,000 – 8,000 pages/month. If the printing demand in a certain period increases suddenly, the machine is still capable of meeting thanks to its maximum printing volume of up to 65,000 pages/month.

The product has print speeds of A4 to 35 ppm and A3 to 18 ppm. The HP 93A toner cartridge in the machine meets up to 12,000 A4 pages, equivalent to nearly 5 A4 cartons when printing on one side. The HP LaserJet Pro M706n is capable of loading 350 A4 sheets, when combined with the 500-sheet expansion tray, it can load up to 850 A4 sheets to flexibly meet business needs.

Compact, secure A3 printer for businesses

The machine is equipped with many print modes to suit different needs. When you need the clearest print quality, showing every small detail on technical drawings, report graphs, etc., then HP ProRes 1200 is the optimal choice with 1200 x 1200 dpi print resolution while maintaining Maintain high print speed.

For normal text printing needs, HP FastRes 1200 is enough to meet the needs, ensuring sharp text quality while saving energy consumption and ink.

Security mode suitable for business

The HP LaserJet Pro M706n is designed to fit the needs of businesses. The product is equipped with many security features such as password setting, SNMP v2 network data encryption and monitoring platforms, SSL/TLS. The product is also equipped with genuine ink cartridge authentication technology, ensuring that the print quality is always sharp and the device is always in a safe state.

Compact, secure A3 printer for businesses

Using genuine HP ink cartridges also helps to ensure the air quality in the office for employees. Along with that, genuine HP ink cartridges contain recycled components, so they are environmentally friendly. HP EcoSmart ink helps save energy 18% – 22% compared to the previous generation and is the solution to help businesses grow sustainably.

Products are genuine distributed by Synnex FPT through dealers nationwide. LaserJet Pro M706n is warranted for 3 years.

For technical advice as well as answer questions about warranty, customers can contact HP’s free 24/7 hotline on 1800 588 868, chat online via website or chat with HPVietnam via Zalo.

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