Community F0: ‘Doctors are there when we are most panicking’

Ho Chi Minh CityLiving in the “red zone”, 20-year-old Nguyen Duy Anh, although he was mentally prepared, could have contracted Covid-19 but couldn’t help but be shocked when his mother suddenly had trouble breathing, the quick test results were both positive.

Late at night on August 24, hearing her mother complain of chest tightness and shortness of breath, Duy Anh (living in Ward 22, Binh Thanh) hastily called the hotline number of the ward medical station to ask for an ambulance. There are only mother and daughter in the house, from a few days ago they had cough, fever, stuffy nose, fatigue…

Duy Anh impatiently in front of the house. About 10 minutes later, Doctor Le Ba Thanh (Military Medical Academy, Ministry of National Defense) – Head of mobile medical station No. 2, and two colleagues in tight protective gear, carrying an oxygen tank and a tool box arrived. . After a few quick questions, the doctors measured SpO2 (capillary blood oxygen levels) for the woman who was breathing heavily. The index is at 93-95%, blood pressure and temperature are still stable, but doctors find the symptoms of Covid-19 quite obvious. Duy Anh and his mother took a quick test sample, the result was positive.

Facing the anxiety of mother and daughter, Dr. Thanh reassured that these are common symptoms, it is necessary to calm down to comply with treatment instructions, minimizing the risk of severe progression. Duy Anh was also instructed to self-monitor the health of mother and child, how to use medicine when fever is over 38.5 degrees Celsius, take extra vitamins, practice breathing exercises, how to lie on your stomach, lie on your side to increase oxygen flow. … The mother’s SpO2 later increased to 97-98%.

“Doctor Thanh left a personal phone number, telling me to contact him as soon as my mother and I had any changes in health. I am really grateful, the doctors came right when we were most panicked and uncertain. “, Duy Anh said.

His mother and son were one of dozens of families that were found to be positive by Mobile Medical Station No. 2 after a quick test, after 3 days of operation. They will be re-tested by RT-PCR and depending on the severity of the disease, they will be assigned to isolate at home or go to a Covid-19 hospital for treatment. In addition, Mobile Medical Station No. 2 and other stations are also managing and monitoring hundreds of F0 in the assigned area.

Two doctors at Mobile Medical Station No. 1, Ward 6, Tan Binh District, instructed F0 to lie on his stomach and give oxygen. Photo: English Letters

9 km away in ward 6, Tan Binh districtHundreds of Covid-19 patients are being cared for at home by Mobile Medical Station No. Brother Nguyen Van Sang (32 years old) said, a few days ago, he and his wife, who are 5 months pregnant, heard that two neighbors had Covid-19, and were very worried. Buy a quick test to try, the results “two lines” make them shocked and panic. On August 23, his wife had trouble breathing, he called several times to the neighborhood group, unable to “risk” to find the phone number of the Chairman of Ward 6 for help.

Nearly 30 minutes later, the ambulance arrived at the alley, 4 medical staff brought emergency medicine, oxygen tank, SpO2 meter, quick test kit to check for pregnant women. After receiving medical care, her health indicators gradually stabilized. Sang and his wife were tested quickly and samples were sent to RT-PCR, the results were positive. Because the pregnancy is in a high-risk group, the mobile health station has sent both him and his wife to concentrated isolation for easy health monitoring.

“At that time, without the doctors and nurses, my wife and I didn’t know what to do. They talked softly, took care of them carefully, so we were much more secure,” said Mr. Sang.

As of August 26, Ho Chi Minh City has 401 mobile medical stations that have officially operated (in the plan of 413 stations) throughout 22 districts and Thu Duc city, with the goal of ensuring people’s early access to medical care. and promptly handle severe cases. The stations are operated by the Mobile Medical Team (belonging to the working group of nearly 1,400 officers and students of the Military Medical Academy supporting the city) in combination with local medical staff and quick response teams. They are responsible for caring for and treating 23,197 F0 isolated at home, participating in organizing sampling for testing, injecting Covid-19 vaccines, answering questions, transporting serious patients…

Each station will take care of 50-100 F0, with at least one doctor, 2-3 nurses, 3-4 personnel from local unions, associations or volunteers. The station is flexibly located in apartments, community houses, kindergartens, primary schools… to cover the whole ward, ensuring access to patients in need of support in the fastest time. In addition, at this stage, Ho Chi Minh City organizes a large-scale test to trace F0, mobile stations are focusing on instructing people in the “red and orange areas” (high risk) to test themselves quickly, and at the same time speed up the injection. vaccine strains.

Doctor Le Ba Thanh, (Military Medical Academy, Ministry of National Defense) head of mobile medical station No. 2 took samples for large-scale screening tests for people in Ward 22, Binh Thanh.  Photo: provided by the doctor

Doctor Le Ba Thanh (Military Medical Academy, Ministry of Defense), Head of mobile medical station No. 2, took samples for large-scale screening tests for people in Ward 22, Binh Thanh. Photo: Provided by Doctor

Doctor Nguyen Thi Thu Nga (Deputy Director of District 7 Hospital) said that since August 24, the district has 25 mobile medical stations in charge of military medical doctors, which has helped reduce the load on the staff at the hospital. place a lot. District 7 is managing and monitoring more than 2,500 F0 treatment at home. Previously, community health groups with more than 100 employees (organic staff of wards and district health stations, volunteer doctors, medical staff of the Red Cross, and volunteer students) were always in good health. overload, “running” at full capacity 24/24h to solve huge workload.

Currently, these 25 stations have combined with 6 previously established mobile medical stations of the district, divided to monitor and support F0 in each neighborhood, help monitor F0 care and speed up vaccination progress, screening sample…

Similarly, Mr. Do Van Hien (Head of the medical station of ward 22, Binh Thanh district) said that when 3 mobile medical stations were established in the ward, they shared a lot of anti-epidemic tasks, especially in the near future. F0 will increase when community screening test results are available. “The ward health station being supported at this time is really very precious. More patients have access to home health care, the quality of patient care has initially shown a positive signal,” said Mr. Hien.

According to Colonel Nguyen Anh Tuan (Head of the mission of the Military Medical Academy in Ho Chi Minh City), after more than 3 days of providing medical care, the whole delegation has provided medical care to tens of thousands of F0s who are in isolation, treated at home as well as tested to detect thousands of cases. new infections in the city. However, specific numbers have not been announced.

In Ho Chi Minh City, the delegation divided into 451 mobile medical medical groups, then each group took on tasks in localities, and together established more than 400 mobile medical stations. Depending on each district and the density of F0, the number of mobile stations varies. Staffing at these stations can be mobilized from many sources, or only military medical forces. According to the operation of each locality, the station chief of a mobile station can be a military doctor, or a local medical staff.

“The people, especially the F0s, expressed their welcome and joy when medical staff and military medics took care of their health at home,” said Colonel Tuan, but acknowledged that this force was facing many difficulties. where the new F0 number was discovered in the community was overcrowded, so equipment, protective gear… for military medical staff was not enough. “We are making great efforts, hoping that mobile stations will contribute to helping people have access to health, thereby detecting cases early, reducing the rate of severity and mortality, and aiming to stop the epidemic early.” Colonel Tuan said.

Ho Chi Minh City currently records 194,100 Covid-19 cases, 97,719 discharged from hospital (accumulated from January 1 to now). Among 37,993 patients being treated, there are 2,321 children under 16 years old, 2,697 critically ill patients on mechanical ventilation and 20 patients undergoing ECMO intervention.

Treatment for F0 at home is the first pillar of HCMC’s two-pillar treatment strategy to reduce mortality.

Thu Anh – Le Cam

With the goal of reducing the rate of Covid-19 patients who become seriously ill when treated at home, the Hope Foundation launches the program “Medication bags for F0”. Each donation of 380,000 VND corresponds to one bag of medicine. To accompany the program, readers can refer to detailed information here.


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