Common causes of miscarriage

I’ve had two abortions due to unplanned pregnancy, now I’m 13 weeks pregnant, have a lot of vaginal discharge, light pink, sometimes bleeding for two days.

I didn’t feel any pain or cramps, so my mother-in-law told me not to worry about miscarriage. But today on the third day, I still see pink discharge so I feel very worried. Please explain my condition. (Nguyen Hong Linh)


According to your description, the fetus is 13 weeks old, you will receive an appointment to do screening tests during your visit. In the case of translation in the past few days, there are two problems. The first is related to the fetus. Second, there may be an infection of the cervix.

With pregnancy-related causes, the doctor may prescribe fetal support, and if cervical infection, the doctor will prescribe treatment. Because if you leave the infection for a long time, it will create a lot of bad breath. It is also one of the causes of amnionitis, leading to miscarriage as well as premature birth. Therefore, you should go to the hospital for early examination for advice and treatment.

Assoc. Dr. BS. Luu Thi Hong
Head of Obstetrics and Gynecology Department, Tam Anh General Hospital, Hanoi


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