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“Coming out of school”, the poetry of Andrée Chedid’s daily life

Poetry – by uneven and muffled paths – leads us towards dawn in the land of the first time. This unknown land, so well described by Andrée Chedid (1920-2012), is trodden by young graduates of the best French animation schools who make their first professional films by adapting texts by the poet.

As every year for eight years, France Télévisions broadcasts, on the occasion of the Printemps des poètes, Leaving school, collection of thirteen animated poems. After Prévert, Verlaine or Apollinaire, here is Andrée Chedid, the first woman to enter this beautiful round of images intended to make the verses of an author intelligible by an audience of children.

Poetry as ” freedom lever

Difficult mission because there is ” no key to poetry “, According to Andrée Chedid:” No sky / No bottom / No nest / No name / No place / No goal / No reason / No boundary / No fort / No axis / No grain / But this breath / Which seeps / In the fabric souls / To untie their seasons / People of swallows / With penetrating gaze / With unfolding sight.

In the version given by Islena Neira, a young woman lacking inspiration sees everything slip away before her eyes, the table, the floor, the sidewalk. Projected onto a giant white sheet, she then rides a pencil on legs similar to Bonnemine, the mascot of I like to read, which takes him to explore the borderless worlds of the imagination. An inventive film, lively and limpid, like a surrealist journey into the thoughts of Andrée Chédid who saw in poetry a ” freedom lever “.

The poet knew how to convey her taste for life whose fragile beauty she celebrated. Read by his children and grandchildren, all artists, Louis and Matthieu (known as “M”), Émilie and Billie, Anna and Joseph, these odes to everyday happiness are like the cakes improvised by the pastry chef of Mitchelle Tamariz in Intervals, a poem of disturbing topicality. “ I calibrate my life / Of intervals / Of space / And of extent / I scale this life / Of interludes / Of precepts / And of the unforeseen / I brag about my life / And I multiply it / With stars / Of comets / And of hope “.


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