Comedy Tet 2021 in the race of million views on YouTube

07/02/2021 12:39 GMT + 7

Compared to every year, this year’s Tet comedy market tends to thrive on the YouTube platform due to the impact of the epidemic.

Recorded a month earlier, this is the time for Tet comedy to bloom, with countless new and old comedy clips posted on YouTube on this occasion.

The most prominent among them is the series The Village The Wife and the Barefoot Giant, which used to dominate the Northern Tet comedy market since the early days of VCD, DVD is still popular until the booming era. Internet.

The producer of this comedy series has been very keen to repost old episodes in 4K format on YouTube, attracting tens of millions of views per episode, even though the motif of this series is not too new, but only revolves around editing. married wives and funny stories and bad jokes on Tet in the northern countryside. The three latest episodes of the village with his wife 7 currently have 19 million views.

People’s Artist Trung Hieu and artist Quang Teo are familiar faces in Tet comedies

The faces appearing in this year’s Tet comedies are also comedians familiar with the North audience for many years such as People’s Artist Quoc Anh, Quang Teo, People’s Artist Trung Hieu, Chien Thang, Binh Trong … besides one The number of TV actresses invited to participate increases the recognition of the work.

However, the fact that there were so many products released during the Tet holiday somewhat made the audience feel overreal. That is not to mention that there are still many works waiting for the ‘golden hour’ to be released, including Getting Married 5, Gory, Mr. Lo 4, When Cuoi loves …

In the South, the series Xuan Phat Tai, shown on YouTube, also attracts millions of views per episode. The difference is that this is a variety comedy music program, with audience members watching live performances with comedy skits combined with music performances. Xuan Phat Tai 11 now has 4.6 million views after just two weeks of posting.

The trend of making Tet comedy series has also spread to famous southern comedy groups such as Ghien Mi Go (6.19 million subs) or FAP TV (12.3 million subs). With a relatively diverse and multicolored scenario, the short skits of this comedy group have attracted millions of views from a group of young audiences.

Comedy Tet 2021 in the race of million views on YouTube
This year’s Tet comedy is a million-view battle on the YouTube platform

In addition to the comedy groups, the KOLs (influencers) such as Tho Nguyen (8.64 million subs), Thien An (3.34 million subs), Huynh Lap (2.95 million subs), Trung Fly (2, 54 million subs), Do Duy Nam (2.42 million subs) also took advantage of this occasion to launch music films, short skits on Tet theme with elements of humor … Typical artists like Thu Trang (2 , 87 million subs) or Xuan Hinh (788,000 subs) even invested in building a comedy movie script to promote their YouTube channel on this occasion.

As usual, the most awaited Tet comedy product of the year is still the Apple Quan 2021 program after a year of not being broadcast. However, before this program was recorded and broadcast, some brands took advantage of the release of Apple versions on YouTube with impressive views.

It is forecasted that the New Year of the Ox season 2021 will be a year when TV viewers are immersed in comedies while there is a lack of cinema movies due to the manufacturer’s delay of showing because of the influence of Covid-19.

Phuong Nguyen

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