Coma due to sequelae of methanol poisoning

Quang NinhAfter 5 days of discharge from the hospital, a 67-year-old man was brought back to the emergency room due to a cerebral hemorrhage from methanol poisoning.

Doctors at Bai Chay Hospital on February 9 informed that the patient had a history of gout and had been drinking alcohol for many years. He suffered from multifocal cerebral hemorrhage due to sequelae of methanol poisoning, treated at the Intensive Care Unit – Anti-poison until he was discharged from the hospital. 5 days later, he was taken to the emergency room with intermittent high fever, slow consciousness, severe metabolic acidosis (ie the body produces too much acid causing stagnation), heart failure. multi-organ. The CT scan image of the brain shows multiple hemorrhagic foci of the cerebral hemispheres on both sides.

Doctors diagnosed the patient in a coma due to cerebral hemorrhage, sequelae of methanol poisoning, intubation, mechanical ventilation, hemodynamic control… but the prognosis was severe, with a high risk of death.

A patient with methanol poisoning is being treated at the hospital. Photo: Hospital provides

Doctor Le Tien Dung (Department of Intensive Care – Anti-poison), said that methanol is industrial alcohol with very high toxicity. Methanol that is tolerated in the body is converted into formaldehyde and formic acid, causing acidosis in blood metabolism, damage to multiple organs such as brain, eyes, optic nerve, liver, kidney… People with methanol poisoning have the following symptoms: symptoms of headache, dizziness, drowsy consciousness, blindness or permanent blindness, deep coma, multi-organ failure (kidney failure, liver failure…), even death.

Dr. Dung has received many cases of severe brain damage, falling into a vegetative state. People with methanol poisoning often have to deal with long-term, difficult, complications or many irreversible sequelae.

Thuy Quynh