Coma after 9 days of continuous drinking

HanoiContinuously drank from January 1 to January 9, did not eat or drink, a 40-year-old man was in a coma, critical.

The patient was transferred to the Poison Control Center, Bach Mai Hospital, for treatment on January 10. Doctor Nguyen Trung Nguyen, Director of the Poison Control Center, Bach Mai Hospital, said the patient was in deep coma, hypotension, respiratory failure, dilated pupils, metabolic acidosis (acidosis in the blood) heavy. The patient’s blood sugar was only 0.6 mmol / l, while the normal index was 4mmol / l. Meanwhile, the alcohol concentration in the blood of the patient is 260 mg / dl, very high compared to normal.

After a day of intensive treatment, emergency dialysis, the patient is still in a coma, blood pressure continues to decrease, the prognosis of death is about 50%.

“If this patient survives, he will definitely suffer serious complications such as drowsiness, lethargy,” Dr. Nguyen said.

Patients with alcohol poisoning are treated at Bach Mai Hospital. Image: Van Phong.

Previously, the Poison Control Center received a 29-year-old male from Hung Yen who received heavy alcohol poisoning. After two days of treatment at the hospital, the patient was incapable of treatment, brought home by his family on January 6, died.

Dr Nguyen said these are two of the many cases of heavy alcohol poisoning the hospital received recently. Patients of working age, often drink a lot of alcohol, causing hypoglycemia. Many cases are late, too critical, and untreated.

According to Dr. Nguyen, alcohol drinkers usually do not eat starch, supplement protein during drinking, then go to bed immediately. They have severe hypoglycemia, possibly dying from hypoglycemia, without having any stored energy. People who drink too much alcohol suffer from depression of the nervous system and respiratory system so weak breathing, wheezing, lack of oxygen, brain damage.

Therefore, doctors recommend that people do not drink alcohol to prevent poisoning. In case of drinking, it is necessary to compensate the body by eating more starch or drinking juice, broth, dilute porridge … Alcohol antidote is not recommended for use because it does not have anti-drunk effect. , alcohol solution.

Signs of poisoning are questions, limited speech, unable to walk, drowsiness, wheezing, and sluggishness. At that time, it is necessary to bring the patient to the medical facility immediately for prompt treatment.



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