Coffee may reduce the risk of prostate cancer

Drinking each cup of coffee daily can reduce the risk of prostate cancer by 1%, according to analysis of data from 16 studies in the US, Japan, and Europe.

1,081,586 people participated in these studies, including 57,732 cases of prostate cancer. Research results published in the journal BMJ It is assumed that every daily cup of coffee will reduce the risk of prostate cancer 1%. Accordingly, compared with the group who drank the least amount of coffee, the group of people who drank the most coffee had a 9% lower risk of prostate cancer; the risk of progressing to cancer is 12% lower and the risk of dying from cancer is 16% lower.

Fourteen of these 16 studies were assessed for quality, with few deviations and large sample sizes, leading to high reliability. Most studies have controlled participants with family history, race, smoking, alcohol consumption, BMI, and physical activity. But there may appear other variables that scientists can not take into account that affect the results. In addition, the data on coffee drinking is dependent on each participant’s records, so it may not be reliable. Plus, this is descriptive observational study and should only show an association between coffee drinking and prostate cancer risk.

However, the lead of the report, Mr. Kefeng Wang of Shenyang Medical University, China, said “it is possible to encourage men to increase their coffee consumption to reduce the risk of prostate cancer”.

According to the American Cancer Society, many studies show that drinking coffee can reduce the risk of cancer of the liver, endometrium, throat … However, if you drink too much coffee per day. can cause insomnia, migraines and digestive problems. Coffee shake with cream, milk, sugar can cause weight gain, obesity, and lead to an increased risk of cancer.

Dr. Colleen Doyle, director of nutrition and physical activity at the American Cancer Society, advises the surest ways to reduce cancer risk are to “quit smoking, eat healthy, get enough, and get physically active matter”. If you want to consume more antioxidants to prevent cancer risk, add more vegetables and fruits to your diet.

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