Coda, the American remake of The Ram family hits the mark at Sundance

The adaptation of the French film with Louane and François Damiens was critically acclaimed at the American Independent Film Festival. Apple bought it for $ 25 million, against Netflix and Amazon, both interested.

Seven years after the Aries Family, in 2014, Coda, its American remake, a hit at the Sundance festival. In her family, Ruby (Emily Jones) is the only one to hear. She dreams of studying in a specialized school to become a singer. Making it happen would mean abandoning his deaf and dumb family. Interpreter, the only link with the world for her family, the teenager is torn.

Presented in preview, the remake is at the origin of a new record for the American meeting of independent cinema: that of the biggest sale. The behemoths Netflix and Amazon wanted it. Apple Studios won the bid for $ 25 million. With its American version of The Aries family, Sian Heder Surpasses $ 22 Million Hulu Spent To Purchase Palm Springs, Max Barbakow’s comedy presented at Sundance last year.

Unlike the French version, in which the parents of the family are played by Karin Viard and François Damiens, the actors of Coda are genuinely hard of hearing. The mother is thus played by Marlee Matlin. The deaf actress remains to this day the youngest artist to have received, in 1986, the Oscar for best actress at 21 for her performance in Children of silence. She played there almost exclusively in sign language.

His partner in Coda Troy Kotsur, who plays her husband, confides having “immediately thought of [sa] daughter, child of deaf parents in real life“. During the shooting, the actor would have had “flashbacks of [sa] own experience“. Other differences, in Coda, for (Child Of Deaf Adults, a child of deaf parents), the parents are fishermen from Massachussets and not farmers from Mayenne. Ruby sings Joni Mitchell or Motown rather than Michel Sardou.

Like these American artists, Coda should meet a larger audience than The Aries Family. In France, the film had yet gathered more than 7 million spectators in theaters. This first role won the singer and actress Louane the César for Best Female Promising Actor in 2015. Coda Will he have the same success at the Oscars? At this time, no release date is planned in the United States yet. But the rights for an international sale are already acquired by Apple Studios.


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