CMC Cloud in Top 3 Typical Digital Platforms in 2021

On March 24, a representative of the Department of Business Administration (Ministry of Information and Communications) presented the Top 3 Typical Digital Platform Award in 2021 in the Program to Support Small and Medium Enterprises in Digital Transformation (SMEdx) to CMC Cloud of CMC Telecom.

Summarizing activities in 2021, the Executive Board of the SMEdx Program has announced CMC Telecom’s CMC Cloud as one of the three most typical digital platforms with a lot of support for small and medium enterprises.

The representative of CMC Telecom received the award for the Top 3 typical digital platforms in 2021

Within the framework of the conference, CMC Telecom and the Ministry of Information and Communications also signed a cooperation agreement to deploy “The program to support small and medium enterprises in digital transformation SMEdx in 2022”.

Accordingly, CMC Telecom will be the provider of the cloud computing platform for the digital transformation journey of small and medium enterprises. CMC Telecom was chosen because of its strong connected telecommunications infrastructure and international standard Data Center in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. In particular, CMC Cloud is a “make in Vietnam” product that fully meets the industry’s technical standards.

Specifically, when participating in the program, SMEs will be consulted by CMC Telecom and free to experience the service for 2 months. Enterprises that commit to using 1 year of service under the program will receive a discount of up to 30% and participate in free training.

SME businesses wishing to participate can register on the program’s website or directly access CMC Telecom’s website for guidance on the specific digital transformation roadmap.

SMEdx is a special program of the Ministry of Information and Communications aimed at accelerating digital transformation in small and medium enterprises through the use of a digital platform selected by the Ministry of Information and Communications. The program aims to help businesses optimize operations, improve production and business efficiency, improve capacity and competitive advantage, create new values ​​for businesses, and contribute to the development of the international digital economy. countries and in each industry, field or region.

In 2021, CMC Cloud of CMC Telecom is one of the 23 best “make in Vietnam” digital platforms announced by the Ministry of Information and Communications and introduced to businesses via webiste

CMC Cloud in Top 3 Typical Digital Platforms in 2021
Representatives of CMC Telecom and businesses attended the cooperation signing ceremony with the Ministry of Information and Communications

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