Closing the package of SMS Banking fee collection of 11,000 VND/month to protect customers’ interests

The carriers will charge a package SMS Banking service fee of 11,000 VND/month. Thus, banks will remove the step fee from customers up to 77,000 VND today.

The network operator has closed the plan to collect SMS Banking package fee of 11,000 VND/month.

Recently, many customers have received the notice of the bank to increase the fee for SMS Banking service. Specifically, Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam (Vietcombank) announced to increase SMS Banking fee from 11,000 VND/month according to the ladder, up to 77,000 VND/month depending on the number of messages. Specifically, if the number of messages in a month is less than 20 messages, Vietcombank will charge a fee of 11,000 VND/month; from 20 to less than 50 messages is 27,500 VND/month; from 50 to less than 100 messages is 55,000 VND/month; from 100 messages or more is 77,000 VND/month. Thus, if all five users are included, they may have to pay the highest SMS fee up to 924,000 VND. Not only Vietcombank, a series of other banks also announced an increase in SMS Banking fees.

Responding to VietnamNet about this issue, a representative of Vietcombank said that the bank only adjusts the balance change notification fee via SMS (this service also includes notices of card spending, transaction savings and loan repayment schedule). For services related to sending SMS messages to customers, Vietcombank has to pay costs for network operators. Vietcombank adjusts the balance notification fee via SMS on a tiered basis to partially compensate for this cost and to suit the needs of different customer groups. Not only Vietcombank, but many other banks in Vietnam also charge a tiered SMS fee.

Sharing on social networks, many customers expressed frustration at the fact that SMS Banking service was pushed up the ladder. Many forums have attracted thousands of comments revolving around this issue.

Before the above incident, the Ministry of Information and Communications and the Banking Association held an online meeting with banks and network operators to solve difficulties.

Mr. Tran Duy Hai, Deputy Director of the Department of Telecommunications, Ministry of Information and Communications said, during the time of the Covid-19 pandemic; implementing the instructions of the leaders of the Party, the Government, the telecommunications industry as well as the banking industry has made very practical contributions to support people, businesses, the front lines against the epidemic… The Covid pandemic occurred. It has also changed many habits of people and customers such as: ordering online, paying online, working, studying, remote medical examination and treatment more… traffic of online services, in which non-cash payment services tend to increase.

When output increases, service prices will decrease, therefore, under the direction of the leadership of the Ministry of Information and Communications, with the spirit of accompanying customers, service users, mobile telecommunications businesses have meeting with commercial banks on the price of banking messaging services. At the meeting, many options were discussed, such as calculating according to output, changing the method of charging according to packages…

Commercial banks and telecommunications businesses have agreed on a package to collect a fixed fee of 11,000 VND/month (VAT included) and unlimited number of messages when using payment services. do not use cash.

“The all-inclusive tariff with no traffic limit has received a high welcome and consensus from the commercial banks attending the meeting, due to meeting the trend of people, customers are increasingly prioritizing using the service. non-cash payment service, but without increasing customers’ fees. Basically, this price is based on the customer collection rate of most commercial banks in the past, but with the application of the charging method. new, same amount, customers using non-cash payment service will not have to pay extra message cost due to unlimited traffic.It replaces current method of commercial banks Trade control with telecommunications businesses according to each message, leading to the issuance of many tariff packages, due to the low or higher message output than the customer’s revenue,” said Mr. Tran Duy Hai.

Answering VietnamNet about whether collecting this package fee will have any effect on the revenue of network operators as well as banks, Mr. Tran Duy Hai said that the application of this package fee, in the immediate future, has an impact. affect the revenue of telecommunications enterprises. According to preliminary calculations, each telecommunications business will reduce the revenue of this service itself by about 20% – 30% of revenue depending on each carrier. For commercial banks, following the direction of the State Bank, which has also reduced the prices of services related to non-cash payment activities, etc., it will also have a certain impact.

However, Mr. Hai said that package-based, unlimited-traffic charging, which has been applied by telecommunications businesses to a number of services in the telecommunications field in recent years, has brought about good effects. . With this method of charging, the service is stimulated and strongly developed, the traffic volume increases, so if calculated according to the average volume, the selling price is very cheap, customers and people enjoy and from there have stimulating demand, encouraging service users.

“With that experience, with the trend of non-cash payments, e-commerce, on the basis of low-cost digital infrastructure (telecommunications), now adding to the price of banking messaging services, With the close cooperation between telecommunications businesses, commercial banks as well as businesses participating in the supply chain, we believe that non-cash and commercial payment services Electronics will continue to have more explosive development steps in the coming time”, Mr. Hai emphasized.

Commenting on this SMS Banking package fee collection, Mr. Nguyen Quoc Hung, General Secretary of the Vietnam Bankers Association said that the package fee offered by the network operator to banks is VND 11,000/month, which is also VND 11,000/month. average fee that banks are collecting from customers. With this calculation method, customers who use more or less messages will still pay 11,000 VND, because the package has been calculated. According to him, this is a suitable fee for customers.

In addition, the bank also recommends that customers switch to OTT services so that they do not have to pay fees. If customers use SMS Banking, they will only pay the same package fee, but no additional charges will be incurred. The problem is that customers choose which service is convenient for them.

“Recently, the Ministry of Information and Communications has been very drastic to direct carriers to remove this difficulty. This is a very good move by carriers and banks, when they have coordinated to share with each other and support customers. and customers will benefit at a reasonable price. The introduction of such a reasonable fee will encourage people to make non-cash payments”, Mr. Hung said.

Thai Khang

Reduce heat and increase SMS Banking fees: Banks and carriers will collect a package service fee

Reduce heat and increase SMS Banking fees: Banks and carriers will collect a package service fee

The network operator and the bank have agreed on a solution to “collect a package fee” for SMS Banking service to ensure the benefits of customers.


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