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Closing of schools, mothers propelled again on all fronts

Fatiha and her friends are discussing in front of the Épinettes school in Issy-les-Moulineaux (Hauts-de-Seine). The day after Emmanuel Macron’s announcements, they talk about organization, teleworking and express trips to the grandparents. Overall, however, they are reassured: the measures announced on March 31 are “Less restrictive” than expected.

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“My three daughters, aged 5 to 10, will only miss three and a half days of school, Fatiha account. It won’t be so much worse than the last few days when classes were closing one after the other, because there were cases of Covid. “ Above all, they believe, this new confinement will not resemble that of last March, because the children will be partly on vacation: they will therefore be able to escape their pet peeve, school at home.

Financial aid has been renewed

Between telework, childcare and home schooling, parents fear, however, to find themselves once again propelled on all fronts. To support them, the government has taken several measures. Thus, travel will remain authorized between regions to drop off and search for children with relatives throughout the period, said Jean Castex, Thursday 1er April.

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Above all, the entire battery of financial aid proposed last March has been renewed. In detail, employed parents who cannot telework, as well as single-parent families, will be able to benefit from partial unemployment. The self-employed and liberal professions have the right to a paid work stoppage for childcare.

The return of tensions?

Will this be enough to avoid the “Burn-out of mothers” highlighted, in particular, in a recent opinion of the Economic, Social and Environmental Council (Cese)? Containment “Increased the tensions linked to the distribution of domestic tasks within couples”, noted the authors.

They were a subject of contention for almost a third of couples. “The closure of schools and the issue of parenting have highlighted inequalities in the sharing of family responsibilities between women and men. Today, the former perform 72% of educational and domestic tasks ”, explains Dominique Joseph, co-author.

This gap was further exacerbated by the monitoring of homework. According to INSEE, more than a third of people with children have encountered “Difficulties in ensuring their school follow-up, in particular the poorest and the women, who took charge of a large part of this follow-up. “


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