Closing of schools and teleworking: the general secretary of Force Ouvrière asks employers to be “tolerant”

Yves Veyrier, General Secretary of Force Ouvrière (April 1, 2021). (FRANCEINFO / RADIO FRANCE)

How to organize to continue working? The question haunts many employees, while schools will close for three to four weeks, and the Head of State calls for the “systematic” use of telework, when it is possible.

Franceinfo’s eco guest on Thursday April 1, Yves Veyrier, the general secretary of Force Ouvrière (FO), calls on companies to “ensure that employees do not suffer the consequences of a situation which is complicated anyway. “

Parents who have to stop working to look after their children can apply for partial unemployment, compensated up to 84% of net salary. “It is the least worst of the solutions “, reacts Yves Veyrier, even if this loss of income “can hurt. “

The leader of Force Ouvrière stresses that teleworkers can also apply for partial unemployment if they have to look after their children. Can an employer refuse? No, according to Yves Veyrier: “This is the provision confirmed by the Minister of Labor. “

Some business leaders are asking to be able to modify the leave of their employees, to adapt to the situation. According to Yves Veyrier, “this must be settled within the framework of social dialogue. “

What we don’t want “, he continues, “is that some employers, and not all of them behave in this way, enter into a logic of confrontation, of tension which leads to impose holidays on those who had not planned to take holidays or to impose them a displacement of leave. “

More generally, the Head of State wants teleworking to become systematic, whenever possible. “If teleworking is the way to avoid contaminating oneself or infecting others, whenever it can be implemented, it must be implemented “, answers Yves Veyrier.

But, he insists, we must take into account the situation of employees who do not necessarily have a second home with an office to telework! (…) Employers must be very tolerant of the pace of work and productivity… They must not confuse teleworking and 100% working at the employer’s goodwill ”.

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