Clint Eastwood, America’s Maverick

In “American Sniper” (broadcast tonight on France 2 at 9:05 pm), the filmmaker awakens the pains of Uncle Sam through the true story of Chris Kyle, legend of the Special Forces in Iraq.

When Clint Eastwood decides to adapt Chris Kyle’s book to the big screen American Sniper, he is still carried by his triumph in 2009 with Gran Torino.

Steven Spielberg has just thrown in the towel. The ex-Dirty Harry takes the leap …American Sniper features the excellent Bradley Cooper (who gained 18 kg of muscle mass for the occasion) in the role of a sniper engaged in the Navy Seals, and who will be elevated to the rank of national hero for his exploits during the Iraq war.

The film recounts with drought and efficiency the operations carried out by the American army and the elite troops of the Navy Seals against Islamist terrorists during the Iraq war in the 2000s. Eastwood carefully reconstructs the maze of the town of Faloudja, in the midst of an urban guerrilla warfare. It realistically shows the extreme tension, violence and cruelty of the fighting.

Main protagonist Chris Kyle is ex-Texas rodeo cowboy turned army sniper

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