Climate law: deputies ban advertising planes, which pollute too much


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Advertising planes flying over the beaches will not be soon more only a distant memory. This practice was deemed too polluting by the deputies, Friday April 2, during the review of the climate and resilience law. It will be banned from 2022.

Every summer, small planes were visible above the beaches, pulling up promotional banners. LThe National Assembly voted on Friday April 2 to ban this form of advertising by 2022. The end of this activity was approved by the deputies, who are examining this week in first reading the climate bill and resilience. Article 8, reworded by an amendment, provides that “Advertising disseminated by means of a banner towed by an aircraft is prohibited”.

Another amendment brings a grace period until January 1, 2022 for “give visibility” to the small businesses that make up this sector. Currently, a little more than 100 people in France carry out this technical activity which requires precision., dexterity and thoroughness“, explained in 2016 the pilot Xavier Zanettacci. He and his colleagues will still be visible in the sky this summer.

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