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Climate activists pressurizing leaders to stop climate change

COP26 Summit: Thousands of climate activists, playing drums and celebrating, marched on the streets of Glasgow, Scotland, where the United Nations Conference on Climate is being held on Saturday. And called on governments to take swift action to reduce the use of fossil fuels that harm the planet. Despite the incessant rain in Glasgow, there was enthusiasm among the protesters. However, the demonstration remained peaceful. Protesters slammed world leaders over climate talks, saying they have so far failed to take the desired decisions. Climate demonstrations also took place in many cities across Europe, including London, Copenhagen, Paris, Dublin, Zurich and Istanbul.

Dez Agazi, who came from London to attend the Glasgow demonstration, said, "We are having talks in front of us, but there is no policy to actually implement them. More than that, real people have to be in the room (in talks)." He was constantly speaking in the midst of the sound of drums. Climate activists also complained about limiting public participation in the Glasgow conference.

Another protester, Megan McClain, fears that climate negotiators are listening to her, it’s too easy to ignore. They are nice and comfortable in the convention center. However, his friend and Edinburgh’s Lusett Wood disagreed. They said, "They may not actually do anything, but they will show that they are doing… then they will postpone it for another 20 and 30 years."

Protesting with placards 

p style="text-align: justify;"At the same time, in London, protesters gathered near the Bank of England and marched to Trafalgar Square, located about 32 km away. Workers brought their children with them to Saturday’s demonstration in Istanbul. It is noteworthy that on Friday also, thousands of people demonstrated outside the convention venue as part of the ‘Friday for Future’ movement. Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg, addressing a rally ‘Friday for the Future’, called the UN climate talks in Glasgow a failure so far and accused leaders of deliberately leaving loopholes in regulations and issues with their countries’ emissions. Presenting a misleading picture.

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