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Clémentine Galey, midwife of words

I often get pictures of positive pregnancy tests. Or messages from women live from the delivery room. ” The anecdote is launched casually, between pride and astonishment. It nevertheless illustrates the strength of the bond created between Clémentine Galey, founder of the Bliss Stories podcast, and her loyal listeners. A universal theme unites them: motherhood.

The day we met, Clémentine Galey took up residence in her brother’s recording studio. “Bliss Stories is a family project. “ The songs in the credits? Performed by the group of his companion. The music for the videos on his YouTube channel? Produced by his brother. The first woman behind her microphone? His cousin.

A microphone rather than a camera

Launched in April 2018, “The first podcast where we talk about pregnancy and childbirth without filter” accumulates 50,000 plays on average on each episode. A performance that allowed the former casting director to leave her comfortable CDI at TF1. And to become one of the first podcasters to make a living from this new medium.

Daughter of the small screen – like her parents – she traded “Fireworks” television for a microphone: “The voice permeates more than an image”, assures the elegant and dynamic Parisienne of 42 years. To create a climate conducive to confidences, she receives her guests in the living room of her apartment.

Kindly, she questions them as she would discuss with acquaintances. “Clémentine knows how to give birth to people for having been a casting director”, remarks her former colleague Cécile Bougard, little surprised by the success of her friend whom she describes as “Solar, generous and thoughtful” : “I believed it right away. The podcast answers the questions that women have in mind without daring to ask their doctor. “

“The more you are informed, the better you will live on D-Day”

Sitting on the gray sofa in the center of the studio, Clémentine Galey confides with ease. She explains the birth of Bliss Stories, at the dawn of its 40 years, by “An alignment of planets” : the need of “Give meaning to your daily life and, why not, be useful”, the discovery of podcasts and an irrepressible desire to talk about motherhood. So, without giving the floor to experts, she hands her microphone to mothers. Objective: to inform, dispel guilt and lift the taboos surrounding pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period.

“This podcast responds primarily to a personal need. And, moreover, I would have been the first listener. During my first pregnancy, I was completely innocent: I had never heard of an episiotomy for example, recounts this mother of two children, Pablo, 9, and Thelma, 7. And, with hindsight, I understood that I had been very poorly supported for breastfeeding. “

From her mother, she had hardly had any details – “The generation of our post-68 mothers asked themselves much less questions”. So this oldest of a family of four started to act as a counselor when her sister or her friends got pregnant. “The more you are informed, the better you will live on D-Day”she kept telling them. An invitation that it now launches to a much larger audience.

Shedding light on all aspects of motherhood

Perinatal bereavement, pregnancy over 40, prenatal depression, breastfeeding… Every Monday, a testimony sheds light on one aspect of motherhood. Who are those who unveil such intimate stories?

With a flair sharpened by years of casting, Clémentine Galey knows how to find the right witnesses among the hundreds of testimonies received. Like Julie’s, one of whose twins died eight days after giving birth “Catastrophic”. “Hearing a similar story would have helped me to assert my choices in front of the doctors. Pass behind his microphone gave me the effect of therapy “, confides this 29-year-old nurse who, four months after the tragedy, wished to warn about the often overlooked risks of a vaginal birth of twins.

Clémentine Galey also offers the pleasure of interviewing women whom she “Dream of meeting” or whose story appealed to her – some listeners criticize these testimonials from stars of social networks with a lifestyle far from their own. To avoid falling into voyeurism or pathos, the podcaster sets a rule: choose women “Who are no longer in the trauma. If it’s a torrent of tears, they won’t be in the transmission ”.

So Clémentine Galey takes the time to find the right person to tackle painful themes: regret at having become a mother, babies shaken up … Because if she wishes to highlight all the facets of motherhood, she does not forget that her listeners are very often pregnant or in the process of becoming pregnant. No question, therefore, of scaring or slowing down a possible “Bliss Baby-boom”.


His inspiration: the women around him

“I was strongly inspired by all the women who make up my family tribe, with my mother in mind, whom I saw becoming a“ mother of a large family ”before my eyes, since my twin sisters were born when I was 10 years old. This step remains central in my personal construction. Then, since the launch of Bliss Stories, I have been nourished, even raised, by all these mothers or future mothers who entrust me with their trajectory. Taking on this role of “storyteller” for this army of so powerful and inspiring women fills me and makes me grow a little more every day. “


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