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Claims of Indian student who came out of Kharkiv, said- ‘Threatened to shoot when she boarded the train’

The fierce war between Russia and Ukraine has been going on for eight days. Russia has intensified its attack on Ukraine’s second largest city Kharkiv, due to which people there are competing to leave the city. Sejal, who reached Ukraine-Russia border from Kharkiv, told ABP News that Ukrainian citizens are misbehaving with Indian people. They say that we were asked to leave Kharkiv, after which we tried to get out of the train but beat us up and threw us out of the train.

Sejal said that, we have somehow reached a safe place on the Ukraine-Russia border after walking 30 kilometers, but in Kharkiv, the Ukrainians harassed the Indians a lot. He said that, these people had guns in their hands and it was being said in the open that if any Indian boy tried to enter the train, he would shoot, then Indian women were being killed and prevented from boarding the train. . Sejal told that at present 1500 students are trapped in Kharkiv. The situation in Kharkiv is very bad, it has become very important for those trapped people to get out of there. Anything can happen at any moment.

Whoever enters the border will face strong opposition – Zelensky

Let us tell you that Russia is increasing its attack. In Kharkiv, including Kyiv, the alarm of danger is sounding continuously on the roads. Meanwhile, now Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky has once again given a statement not giving up in front of Russia. Zelensky clearly stated that “Whoever enters our border will be strongly opposed. We will never leave what is ours.”

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