Cinema: theaters are still struggling to regain their pre-Covid attendance

Recognizing a more complicated ink situation on the side of live performance, the Minister of Culture Roselyne Bachelot hopes a lot for a promising festival season.

Better, but still not satisfactory. Attendance at cinemas and live shows at the start of the year shows a drop of around 25% compared to the same period before the health crisis, said Minister of Culture Roselyne Bachelot on Sunday. A figure to put on the account of government policy, she assured. “Everyone recognizes that there is no country that has done as much as France to save its culture”said the minister on Sunday morning on Radio J.

In total, nearly 14 billion euros have been mobilized for the world of culture in France since the start of the health crisis, according to new figures from the ministry. The artists are “tired, anxious but do not come out washed out” of the health crisis, alleged this morning the Minister of Culture, who expects in particular to “a beautiful festival season”, sure she would continue “to help all who need it”.

“I’m not all-out optimism.however nuanced Roselyne Bachelot at the microphone of Frédéric Haziza, during the morning political program The Children of the Republic broadcast on Sunday on Radio J. I know very well that in the cinema, there is still a 25% drop in attendance, in the performing arts too” at the start of the year, compared to the same period before the Covid-19 crisis. This figure varies between 20 and 25% depending on the rooms, compared to the same time in 2019, the ministry said.

Persistent tensions and anxieties

Live performance in particular is witnessing a “bipolarization phenomenon” according to the minister: “there are shows that work”with rooms filled, and others where the public is not at the rendezvous. “There are scheduling issues because standing concerts are usually international tours. Standing concerts are going to have a harder time getting back to normal than classical concerts.also underlined the Minister of Culture.

According to Roselyne Bachelot, the world of culture is confronted with both “an extremely harsh pandemic and (…) with the great wind of digital, the appearance of the metaverse. It’s extremely violent, this double anguish. Restrictions have started to be lifted, such as the maximum gauge for seated audiences set at 2,000 people which ended on February 2 and will be followed by the return of standing concerts on February 16.

Finally, the Minister of Culture also welcomed the recent return of the painting Rosebushes under the trees, by Gustav Klimt, to his successors in title. On January 25, the National Assembly unanimously adopted a law to return 15 works of art, including a painting by Klimt and one by Marc Chagall, to the heirs of Jewish families robbed by the Nazis. Asked about Eric Zemmour’s attempt “of rehabilitate Pétain so-called savior of the French Jews”Roselyne Bachelot claimed that the presidential candidate “was no longer in the republican principles”.


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