Cinema: Jean Eustache’s feature films come out of purgatory

Les Films du Losange will restore and distribute the filmmaker’s works. The Mom and the Whore will finally be visible in theaters.

Not too soon. Jean Eustache’s work had been invisible for years. A dark history of rights prevented its diffusion. There was indeed a Japanese DVD edition of The Mom and the Whore and a copy was circulating on YouTube. Those times of scarcity are over. Les Films du Losange will reissue Eustache in its entirety, in a restored version. An agreement has been reached with the filmmaker’s son.

Jean Eustache: these syllables work like a password. He was on the fringes of the New Wave, with his southern accent. This follower of the D system recovered scraps of film from Male Female by Godard. This flayed alive wanted to return to Lumière. In Santa Claus has blue eyes, Jean-Pierre Léaud traveled disguised as Santa Claus in the streets of Narbonne to earn the money that would allow him to afford a duffle coat. Vitelloni from Aude flirted with girls, stole books to resell them and dreamed of going to a brothel.

believe in miracles

The (relative) success came with The…

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