Cinema: how to stop the decline in attendance

BIG DECRYPT – After two years of Covid, the French have changed their behavior, and their tastes have evolved. Producers and patrons of dark rooms list the solutions to adapt.

Three weeks before the Cannes Film Festival, the world of the seventh art is worried about the 30% drop in cinema attendance since January. “For the end of the year, I am no longer counting on 160, but on 150 million admissions”, announces Éric Marti, head of Comscore, a research company specializing in box offices. Magali Valente, director of cinema at the French National Cinema Center (CNC), also updated her predictions: “We went down from 200 to 175 million admissions, i.e. a market at -12%.”

After two years of pandemic, a little music sets in: the situation is more serious than expected. “She’s here to last,” estimates François Aymé, president of the Afcae, which represents the rooms art and test. The cinema suffers the same effects as the theatre, museums, concerts and restaurants. Everyone has gone back to the cinema, just some go there less often. The general intuition is that the French have changed their habits and their tastes. We hear…

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