Cinema: collectors unpack their treasures

SURVEY – As the Les Cinglés du cinema festival opens online, several lovers of rare pieces dream of an international museum dedicated to the big screen.

A poster with Sophia Loren in shorts in The Daughter of the River by Mario Soldati (1954), a Harcourt photograph of young Michel Piccoli, an image of actress Fay Wray in King Kong’s hand (1933) and a pile of boxes of reels, black and white film and digital cameras. ‘in the old days. We are in Saint-Brice-sous-Forêt (Val-d’Oise) in Alain Gomet’s lair. A “Show-room” where a false disorder reigns. Over the years, this collector who will take part in the aptly named festival, Les Cinglés du cinema, dedicated to the enhancement and conservation of the heritage of the 7e art (from January 29 to 31) is proud to have accumulated 1.8 million photographs and 18,000 collection posters (and it stopped at the 1960s…). On 280 square meters of surface without counting the 380 square meters of “Reservations”.

“I am the only nut in the world to collect posters, photos, films and cameras”, is proud of the septuagenarian, often invited to the Lumière Festival in Lyon.

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