Cinema: Blood oranges and merciless

CRITICAL – Based on three news items, the filmmaker Jean-Christophe Meurisse creates a bleeding and singular comedy.

“Warning: wicked comedy!” proclaims poster ofBlood oranges. It changes from the “irresistible”, “hilarious” and other “jubilant” sung all the time by the merchants of entertainment. Jean-Christophe Meurisse’s comedy is as mean as a ferocious dog.

The canine allusion is not innocent. Theater lovers know the work of this director, at the head of the company of the Dogs of Navarre. We owe him merciless shows for “living together” (work, family, homeland): We have the machines, when I think that we will grow old together,Not everyone had the chance to be an orphan … In the cinema, Meurisse is short in the titles but no less crazy. After Apnea, he continues to breathe the air of the times in Blood oranges, presented in official selection at the last Cannes Film Festival.

The scenario is inspired by three various facts revisited and intertwined. A couple of over-indebted retirees (the ex-Deschiens Olivier Saladin and Lorella

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