Cinema: Billy Wilder, the itchy hair of Hollywood

CRITICISM – Disappeared just 40 years ago, the intractable and very funny director of Some like it hot finally has his go-to biography. A tasty read.

Nobody is perfect. Billy Wilder has been dead for forty years. A solid biography in English pays tribute to him (1). We will discover everything you wanted to know about the author of Sunset Blvd.. Wilder had had six Oscars, but he was most proud of having inspired two definitions in the crossword of the New York Times. His sense of repartee was legendary. Cynical, him? “But, if I’m being cynical, what adjective do you use for Peckinpah movies?”

He did it all. He was born in Poland in 1906, left for Vienna, then Berlin. He was a journalist, boasted of having interviewed in the same day of 1925 Arthur Schnitzler, Richard Strauss, the psychoanalyst Albert Adler and Sigmund Freud (in reality, the eminent bearded man had kicked him out). His truth was of variable geometry. He was also a dancer, more or less gigolo. Frequenting prostitutes was his daily life.

His terrible accent

Historical events prompted him to embark for the United States on theAquitania. To have…

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