Cinderella, The King’s Man, Morbius … Hollywood is preparing the new deprogramming of its blockbusters

Prisoner of uncertainties linked to the health crisis, many studios are considering postponing the release of their films scheduled for spring.

The dreaded scenario is taking shape and the American trade press is buzzing about it. Although the vaccination campaign in the United States gives hope for a slow return of the public in theaters, the uncertainty is such in the country of Steven Spielberg that the reluctance of the big studios seems poised to take over.

According to Variety , the big Hollywood studios (Sony, Disney, Paramount, Universal …) are about to review their spring release schedule, once again because of the health crisis. And for good reason: more than half of the cinemas in the country remain closed and the pandemic is progressing stronger every day, especially in strategic areas such as New York or Los Angeles.

Cinderella, the adaptation of the tale by Sony which was supposed to open the ball on February 5 should be deprogrammed. Barely a month before its potential theatrical release, the studio has not communicated once about it, where the usual marketing process begins around six weeks before theatrical release, specifies Variety. Morbius, the movie about the villainous vampiric Marvel starring Jared Leto and The King’s Man: First Mission (currently distributed by 20th Century Fox) – both scheduled for March – should follow the trend. If the sanitary conditions do not improve drastically, the series of postponements could even continue in April and May, with in particular the next James bond, Black widow and Free Guy, from disney, Infinity of Paramount or the next episode of the saga Fast and Furious.

The limits of streaming

In this calendar slump, streaming continues to make an eye on production studios. If the rights holders of the films remain silent or publicly contest rumors about simultaneous film and internet releases, it is difficult to find the right word in these difficult times. Latest example, Disney had maintained Drunk from Pixar studios exclusively to the cinema before going back and adding it to the catalog of its Disney + platform.

But this choice remains limited. Big budget films (more than 200 million) cannot in fact do without an international theatrical distribution to recover their costs, explains Variety. The example of Wonder Woman 1984, for which Warner has made the choice of a theatrical release wherever it was possible coupled with a streaming broadcast, has cooled all the studios: the great blockbuster at more than 200 million dollars will not meet its costs. No offense to moviegoers, the waltz of postponements should therefore start again for a round.


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