Chronicles of the sky. Business travelers and the health crisis

The health crisis has changed the business travel landscape for airlines. The Pégase Chair delivers a study which underlines that videoconferencing could often replace concrete travel. (Illustration) (MONGKOL CHUEWONG / MOMENT RF / GETTY IMAGES)

Before the health crisis, business travelers contributed 55 to 75% of the profits of traditional airlines, the Legacy. The pandemic will be a game changer. According to the latest study by the Pégase Chair, videoconferencing, widely used in recent months, will prevail to the detriment of business travel.

The pandemic will leave its mark on the behavior of companies and business travelers. Almost 40% of professional air travel has a good chance of no longer being restored. During periods of restriction, the proportion of air travel, replaced by videoconferencing, reached 53%.

Paul Chiambaretto, director of the Pégase Chair

This erosion of business travel should therefore primarily impact traditional airlines. A new type of behavior that will force these airlines to review their economic models and their loyalty programs.

Airlines will have to pay more attention to leisure customers who will be less impacted and will continue to fly. But at the same time, companies will have to adapt their offers for business travelers and evolve their loyalty programs for travelers who fly less.

Paul Chiambaretto

It is difficult for the moment to say what the financial losses of airlines could represent, in the face of this new trend. Conversely, it is difficult to say what it could save companies.

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