Chrome security bug, 2 billion users affected

The fact that hacker groups regularly choose Google Chrome to attack will be a great danger to 2 billion users of this browser worldwide.

In an official blog post, Google revealed that the Chrome web browser is experiencing a zero-day security bug with code CVE-2021-30563 and highly anonymized. The technology firm also adds that the CVE-2021-30563 exploit has been around for a certain amount of time.

I'm sorry, Chrome, Google me 1

Chrome zero-day vulnerability could affect 2 billion users. Photo: PYMNTS.

Unlike most security flaws, zero-day vulnerabilities are often not known and effectively remedied. Google always tries to keep detailed information about zero-day errors to protect users and give them more time to upgrade and protect themselves.

According to the Forbes, to combat cybersecurity threats, all Chrome users should update to the latest browser version to avoid data mining. If the Chrome browser version on Linux, macOS and Windows is listed as 91.0.4472.164 or higher, users will not have to worry too much about this security bug.

However, if you haven’t updated yet, go to Settings > Help > About Google Chrome, the browser will automatically upgrade to the latest version. In addition, Google has also confirmed that it has addressed 6 advanced and 1 medium threats previously in the latest version of Chrome.

CVE-2021-30563 has become the 8th zero-day vulnerability found on Chrome browser in 2021. Google says it always releases security patches related to zero-day vulnerability after just a few days. detect. However, this security problem is only really solved when Chrome users regularly update the latest versions synchronously.

Chrome attacks have been particularly common in recent months after a group of hackers calling themselves PuzzleMaker claimed to have stolen the data of 2 billion users globally.

This group of hackers succeeded in chaining together Chrome zero-day vulnerabilities to install a variety of malware on the Windows operating system. Microsoft itself also had to issue an urgent security warning to Windows users in June.

Currently, Google says that the safest way for Chrome users is to regularly update the browser and operating system versions to the latest to prevent personal data from being exploited.

According to the Zing/Forbes

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