Christophe Dominici’s last days

The death of Christophe Dominici is a news item, and as with all news items, we must come back to the crime scene. We are at the exit of the park of Saint-Cloud, former royal residence, 460 hectares of forest which extend over Sèvres, Saint-Cloud and Marnes-la-Coquette. On the other side of the main gate, wedged between the Seine and the A13, an alley lined with a parapet descends towards Boulogne, where the former glory of French rugby lived. Below, a disused barracks, in its time seat of the General Directorate of Armaments. Christophe Dominici killed himself here. A fall of about fifteen meters at the foot of the building. The place is known to residents. This is not the first time this kind of “accident” has happened. Impossible for a man of 1.72 meters to tilt without first stepping over the parapet. His family and friends refuse to believe it: Dominici did not commit suicide, they say, he loved life too much. He would never have done that to his children, Chiara and Mya, to his partner, Loretta, let alone his parents, who have already lost a daughter in a car accident. So what happened this Tuesday, November 24 in the early afternoon?

His relatives swear that “Domi” was normal that day. But witnesses say they saw him turn around in the field, cap sunk up to his eyes, agitated, unrecognizable. Toxicological expertises were made: no trace of alcohol, narcotics or drugs “In high dose”, which puts to

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