Christmas: the fear of gloomy holidays

This year, will the magic of Christmas be able to operate? Saturday November 14, 41 days before Christmas, Bordeaux residents still have a glimmer of hope. “I’m pretty optimistic because I think we’re going to make an effort these days, it might not be as great as the other years, but we’ll manage to find each other“, says a passer-by.

For now, the government has remained very cautious about the festivities. A good Christmas is nevertheless a crucial issue for the morale of the French and for the economy. Some customers already buy their gifts in click and collect. Typically, the holiday season accounts for 50% of toy store sales. “The click and collect is a solution that we offer on a daily basis, but it represents 10-15% of our sales today, so it is clearly insufficient to allow us to make our turnover“, reports Franck Mathais, spokesperson for JouéClub.

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