“Christmas is like fries, it’s when you want!”: First trailer for Tuche 4

Bouzolles’ favorite family returns to their land and extends Christmas for a theatrical release on February 3, 2021.

The Christmas celebrations will last until February with the Tuche family. Expected for February 3, 2021 in cinemas, the fourth part of the saga The Tuche unveiled its first trailer. Jean-Paul Rouve, Isabelle Nanty, Claire Nadeau, Théo Fernandez, Sarah Stern and Pierre Lottin will be back as well as Olivier Baroux to direct. Two great French actors are also taking their first steps in the barred universe of Tuche: Michel Blanc and François Berléand.

After the events of the third part of the saga, Jeff Tuche and his family return to Bouzolles to take it easy. When the end of year celebrations approach, Cathy asks to reconnect with her sister Maguy as well as her husband Jean-Yves with whom the father has been angry for ten long years. Problem, the controversial subject of Christmas will feed the conflicting flame that consumes the two men. A showdown between Jeff and Jean-Yves, manager of an Internet distribution box, will be born.

Already off its initial release date of December 9 by the coronavirus pandemic, The Tuche 4 settles definitively on February 3, 2021. If the date does not allow the film to take full advantage of the Christmas period, it adds an additional difficulty in view of the competition. Indeed, another absurd comedy is expected on this same date and it is none other than the third part ofOSS 117, still with Jean Dujardin and directed for the first time by Nicolas Bedos.

Planned risk or poker move for the Tuche? The saga around the Bouzolles family nevertheless keeps a fairly substantial fan base. In 2011, the first part had attracted a little more than 1.5 million spectators in room. A trial run succeeds since the second and third film gathered more than 10 million cumulative faithful. Not enough to scare the Tuches who will always keep the fries.


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