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Christmas 2020, the selection of toys from La Croix

► SOS hazelnuts!

Nathan, from 2 to 4 players, € 19.90

From 4 years old

Christmas 2020, the selection of toys from La Croix

The little squirrel hides hazelnuts in the fall, but how does it find its treasures when winter comes under the snow covering the forest floor? Loosely inspired by animal behavior, this charmingly designed game appeals to manual dexterity and memory. First, you have to succeed in rolling small metal balls in the slots of the game board. Secondly, you have to find them thanks to the squirrel figurine, whose base is magnetized. But the number of attempts is limited and chance spices up the game: each time the die falls on the paw print, you advance your pawn on the path and after 4 squares, the game is lost. Fortunately, both defeat and victory are collective!

Carla Cat

Huch & Friends, from 3 to 6 players, € 23.50

From 4 years old

Christmas 2020, the selection of toys from La Croix

Little mice are quietly nibbling a slice of cheese. But watch out for the roaming ginger cat, ready to pounce on them in a flash. With its beautiful painted wood and felt material, this game focuses above all on reflexes. Each player has his mouse in the center of the table and, as soon as the die falls on the face of the feline, the one who has the cat cup tries to catch as many rodents as possible. Fortunately, the latter have a long tail that can be pulled to escape the predator. The youngest may well prove to be the most gifted at this game of observation and speed. The games, lasting about fifteen minutes, are easily linked. Fun guaranteed!

The house of mice

Gigamic, from 2 to 6 players, € 29.90

From 5 years

Christmas 2020, the selection of toys from La Croix

Some board games propel us into the imagination. This is the case with this house of mice which, once the cardboard pieces are assembled, looks like an adorable dollhouse with incongruous furniture like this tin can as a bathtub! It is in this decoration of odds and ends that the mouse family hides the objects they steal: buttons, jewelry, keys… All are materialized by tokens that can be seen through the windows pierced on the sides of the box. It remains to memorize their locations, which is not easy: we only have thirty seconds, the time to light the lamp, to retain as much information as possible and answer questions. A cooperative game with efficient mechanics.

Quiquequiz Animals

Milan, 2 players and more, € 9.90

From 6 years old

Christmas 2020, the selection of toys from La Croix

How do ants find their nests? What are the tentacles on the head of slugs for? Are there any fish that cannot swim? What animal never yawns? Here are some of the questions asked in this quiz with pretty illustrations by Anne Rouquette. Small animals, flying, terrestrial or aquatic animals are represented with a precise and delicate line. Here, an otter swimming on its back so as not to get cold in the muzzle; there, a giant squid 13 meters long, next to which the diver seems very tiny. Further on, a kingfisher swooping down on the lake’s fish. The back of the card tells us that it is able to dive to a depth of one meter and come out completely dry!


Sentosphere, from 2 to 4 players, € 29.90

Starting from 7 years old

Christmas 2020, the selection of toys from La Croix

Busanga is one of the sixteen African reserves which serve as the backdrop for this original game designed by Victor Lucas, author awarded several times in festivals for previous creations (La route des épices, Conquistador…). Here we embody Maasai warriors who strive to protect animal species threatened by poachers and deforestation, by leading them in national parks. Each player has a certain number of plastic figurines (leopards, rhinos, gorillas…) and, thanks to a card system, establishes a rescue strategy which earns him points and makes him advance on the path to victory. For each game box sold, the publisher donates € 0.50 to a Tanzanian NGO.


Blam, from 2 to 4 players, € 27.90

From the age of 8

Christmas 2020, the selection of toys from La Croix

Designed by a small publisher from Haute-Savoie, this game playfully revisits the principle of mystery drawings revealed by connecting dots. Transformed into an apprentice magician, you have to reconstruct magic formulas by finding the necessary ingredients on your game board (pumpkins, dragon wings, carnivorous plants, etc.) and linking them together with an erasable marker. The elements each time trace a shape that we must recognize as quickly as possible. If the first drawings, basic, are easy to guess (staircase, sailboat, tulip …), things get complicated when you have to turn the board black and white side, which makes the search for symbols much more difficult. You have to have good eyes… or good glasses!

Family (almost) zero waste Ze game

Bioviva, from 2 to 6 players, € 29.90

From the age of 8

Christmas 2020, the selection of toys from La Croix

Inspired by books by Bénédicte Moret and Jérémie Pichon, this game educates young and old to respect the environment. In the blink of an eye, the recycled cardboard box is transformed into a miniature house where our pawns-characters explore each room. The goal ? Eliminate the maximum amount of waste from the trash by completing challenges. Sometimes we have to answer multiple choice questions – What is compost? What was done with waste in the Middle Ages? -, sometimes we clash as a duo. In the first type of duel, you run to look for a specific object in your (real) house. In the second, we take turns citing a category of words – foods that can be bought without packaging, means of transport to get to the park… – until one dries up. A game without downtime.


Melissa & Doug,
from 1 to 6 players, € 17.99

From the age of 8

No complicated equipment to assemble or rules of the game to decipher, it is extremely simple and nevertheless very fun. We have a metal structure on which the players will take turns hanging rods with colored ends, of different lengths. Over the overlays, the construction bends dangerously and threatens to collapse. The winner is whoever got rid of all of their stems first. Skill, delicacy and composure are necessary to participate in this balancing act, ideal for bringing the whole family together on a rainy Sunday or to keep busy alone.


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