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Christmas 2020, the selection of children’s books from “La Croix”

The Last of Wolves

by Sébastien Perez, ill. Justine brax

Album, Albin Michel Jeunesse, 40 p., € 19

From 5 years

Christmas 2020, the selection of children's books from

Young and valiant, Milo stands out as the best of apprentice archers. When the all-too-familiar howl of a wolf arrives, freezing in the depths of the forest, in the depths of time, he goes alone to defend his village, to avenge his ancestors. Armed with arrows and courage, he begins, in the snow and the cold, a hunt that will lead him to a litter of frightened cubs, huddled against their injured mother. Will he get to the end of this bloodstained path? Will he engage in another fight, that of peace? The story, simple and touching, is accompanied by superb illustrations giving the landscape silver reflections. To read warm under thick blankets!

Achilles balloon

by Marie Dorléans

Album, Sarbacane, 48 p., € 16.50

From 4 years old

Christmas 2020, the selection of children's books from

While the birthday of his friend Rosalie is in full swing, Achilles attracts the laughter of the guests because he does not manage to inflate his balloon. But it suffices that the other guests have their backs turned for the balloon, at last, to swell, swell, swell, and carry the little boy in the air for an incredible journey. Unless Achilles is carried only by his imagination … Embedded by the text and delicate illustrations, the reader gets caught up in the game, between humor, reverie and tender adventures, in a suspended time, before the opening of the presents.

The birth of the world

By Bertrand Fichou, ill. by Florent Grattery

Documentary, Bayard Jeunesse, 304 p., € 19.90

From the age of 8

Christmas 2020, the selection of children's books from

Telling the world from its birth to the present day, in a hundred episodes? Bertrand Fichou, magazine editor Yupi and Doc Images, take up the challenge of an alert feather. Each episode, embellished with attractive illustrations, can serve as an evening story. Along the way, we learn how the stars lit up, when the lizards learned to fly, how Homo sapiens began to trade or how humans invented writing. An incredible adventure, cleverly, tastefully summed up.


by David Marchand and Guillaume Prévôt, ill. Julie guillem

Documentary, Milan, € 14.90

From the age of 8

Christmas 2020, the selection of children's books from

Casablanca, Dakar, Buenos Aires, Santiago… So many stopovers conquered at the risk of human lives. So many stages in the mythical history of Aéropostale, born in Toulouse at the end of the Great War, with a slogan, soon shared by Mermoz and Saint-Exupéry: “Mail must pass!” “ Beyond the scorching deserts, the raging oceans, the threatening peaks, the daring and fraternal pilots form part of their machine to carry from one continent to another the missives they imagine precious. Carried by delightfully old-fashioned designs, this album makes us aware of the distance traveled from the time of the pioneers to the era of e-mail and low-cost flights.

The formidable, a hundred true stories that give wings

Texts by Eve Pourcel, ill. Jeanne Detallante, Lucie Durbiano, Donatien Mary and Frédéric Rébéna

Album, Bayard Jeunesse, 271 p., € 22.90

From the age of 8

Christmas 2020, the selection of children's books from

Children need models to build themselves. This beautiful book, with funny or touching illustrations, provides them with no less than 100! In one or two synthetic pages, Ève Pourcel tells the stories of men, women and children whose courage and altruism command respect. Alongside famous personalities (Jane Goodall, Victor Hugo, George Sand, Abbé Pierre…), anonymous people whose action may seem modest (distributing sandwiches to the homeless, planting trees, breastfeeding the baby of a other…) but which contribute to making the world more just, more human.

Idealis, in the light of an unknown star

by Christopher Paolini

Roman, Bayard éditions, 848 p., € 19.90

From 14 years old

Christmas 2020, the selection of children's books from

Prolific author ofEragon, a tetralogy of impressive international success (17 million copies sold!), the American Christopher Paolini returns with a world-book as thick as it is addicting. Trading the fantastic bestiary of dragons for that of science fiction, he begins an ambitious space odyssey with Idealis. In the first volume, we meet a young exobiologist who, during a mission to the far reaches of the Solar System, finds herself in contact with a mysterious black dust. Interplanetary voyages, space battles, lost civilizations and frightening extraterrestrial entities… The ingredients are there to give the saga an undeniable breath.


by Marie Desplechin

Roman, the leisure school,
224 p., 15 €

From 11 years old

Christmas 2020, the selection of children's books from

Marie Desplechin’s mission is to tell the heckled fates of teenage girls who, on the eve of the twentiethe century, have conquered their freedom. After Séraphine and Satin Grenadine, the collection is expanding with a new heroine, “La Capucine”, as exciting as the previous ones. Louise, 13, arrived in Paris after fleeing the Bobigny farm where her mother, a maid in a bourgeois house in the capital, had placed her. Her only resources: her strong character, her green thumb and her guardian angel, a cook with medium skills. The vogue for spiritualism and the emergence of socialism serve as the backdrop to this emancipatory tale vibrant with emotion, with endearing and funny characters.


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