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Christmas 2020: the selection of CDs, DVDs and video games from “La Croix”

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Siam, over the water

Arnaud Thorette, Johan Farjot, ill. Olivier Latyk

Flammarion Youth, € 23.90

From 6 years old

Christmas 2020: the selection of CDs, DVDs and video games from

Siam lives in the 1970s on the banks of the Mekong. Every evening, her mother, a seamstress, tells her the story of her birth and of her enchanted encounter with an American soldier whom she has lost track of. All that remains of him is a postcard sent from San Francisco. Soon, the opportunity arises for the little girl to go to California accompanied by her friends, three funny chattering birds… Poetry, romance and fun come together brilliantly in this musical tale with an eclectic cast: from the mezzo-soprano Karine Deshayes at Albin de la Simone et Juliette, for the songs; Sara Giraudeau, Ariane Ascaride or Gérard Jugnot for the voices. A project born under the aegis of the association Le Rire Médecin, which receives one euro for each book sold.

The (gastronomic) carnival of animals

Bernard Friot, ill. Louis Thomas, told by Jacques Gamblin. Music by Camille Saint-Saëns, performed by the Victor Hugo Franche-Comté orchestra

Ed. Milan, € 19.90

From 4 years old

Christmas 2020: the selection of CDs, DVDs and video games from

The expressive and mischievous music of Camille Saint-Saëns carried by a talented orchestra, an essential pen of children’s literature, an actor who takes passionately his crazy text … All the ingredients are there for a gourmet version of the Animal carnival, revisited in a musical cooking competition involving swans, elephants and other kangaroos. The opportunity for young ears to discover this major work of classical music for children.


Zebulon the dragon

Orange Twin, € 12.99

From 3 years

Zébulon, a student at the dragon school, dreams of winning the star medal which rewards the best in the class. He even goes to great lengths to achieve this, but he is clumsy and unlucky, multiplying accidents. Fortunately, he finds on his way, after each mishap, a kind princess delighted to treat her ailments: Perle, who hates embroidery lessons and dreams of becoming a doctor. Inspired by the earthy album of Julia Donaldson and Alex Scheffler, creators of the irresistible Gruffalo, this small film in bright colors tells the story of the learning of one and the emancipation of the other, with delicious humor.

Choum’s Odyssey

Les Préau films, € 14.99

From 5 years

Christmas 2020: the selection of CDs, DVDs and video games from

Choum is an adorable baby owl whose nest is battered by the storm. Born in the absence of his mother, he goes in search of him in the company of an egg not yet hatched which rolls on itself. Impossible not to melt in front of this baby bird with round eyes like marbles! Julien Bisaro manages to give great expressiveness to the characters, squirrel, crocodile or raccoon. The two short films that accompany the film are also very successful, that they tell the courtship of an exotic bird (The nest) or the epic of a lost calf (The Bird and the Whale). These paintings animated in gouache are a feast for the eyes.

Rotten Dog’s Christmas

Arte ed., 15 €

From 5 years

Christmas 2020: the selection of CDs, DVDs and video games from

With his mop-like appearance and confusing naivety, Rotten Dog is one of the funniest and most endearing anti-heroes in children’s literature. Born from the imagination of Colas Gutman and Marc Boutavant, it appeared in the fall on television screens (on France 3 and Okoo) and in cinema (Rotten dog in Paris). Here are together in this DVD six of his adventures. In one, he dreams that he is traveling to the Moon and lands at… the waste reception center. In another, he asks Santa for cheese rinds. From the garbage can where he lives with his friend Raplapla, Chien pourri is always happy with his fate, however miserable it may be.

Pikmin 3 Deluxe

Nintendo, € 48.99
on Nintendo Switch

From the age of 8

Christmas 2020: the selection of CDs, DVDs and video games from

Captain Charlie’s ship has crashed on a hostile planet. Fortunately, the Pikmin, cute colorful guys, will help the crew out of this mess. Each color has different abilities: reds are flame resistant, blue can swim, yellows are light and can store energy … The player must skillfully choose his troops in order to overcome obstacles, collect fruit or fight monsters plants. The puzzles and the trials follow one another without downtime in this game of great inventiveness, designed by Shigeru Miyamoto, the father of Mario and Zelda.

Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time!

Activision, € 54.99 on PS4, Xbox One

From 12 years old

Christmas 2020: the selection of CDs, DVDs and video games from

Faced with the Machiavellian plans of Doctor Neo Cortex, who wants to conquer the world, Crash and his little sister Coco resume service. In this new adventure, they have masks that allow them to activate special powers. Some can slow down time, others reverse gravity or turn into a devastating spinning top… These original faculties and the totally wacky character of the characters spice up a rather classic course. There are dizzying jumps, slides and frantic chases, in neat settings of a beautiful variety, from the pirate island to the snow-capped mountains.

Ori and the will of the wisps

Ori and the Will of the Wisps

Just for Games, € 29.99 on Xbox One and PC,
€ 39.99 on Nintendo Switch

From 13 years old

Separated from her owl friend, Ori, the little luminous creature, explores a disturbing forest and faces multiple dangers (poisonous plants, monsters and giant insects) using her sword, her bow and powers she gains from adventure course. You can choose the level of difficulty of this platform game, which combines epic battles and racing events with moments of pure contemplation. Over the magical, woodland or aquatic settings, we are impressed by the beauty of the landscapes and the virtuosity of the animation: Ori twirls in the air, swims like a fish, slips under the sand …


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