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Christmas 2020, our dossier

►Covid-19: Christmas with the family, what will be allowed or not

Find the answers to your questions about the end of year celebrations.

►Covid-19: How to prepare children for such a special Christmas?

Nicole Prieur, family therapist, gives some advice to parents to preserve the magic of Christmas in the eyes of children. And recommend more than ever to let them believe in Santa Claus.

►Covid-19: how to live a Christmas from a distance with grandparents?

Olivier de Ladoucette, gerontologist and psychiatrist, encourages grandchildren to use traditional communication tools, such as photos and writing, to keep in touch with very old grandparents.

►Covid-19: how to reinvent the Christmas spirit in times of pandemic?

For the psychoanalyst Jacques Arènes, the distance imposed on families by the epidemic does not prevent the expression of compassion, tenderness and love to those close to them. ” It is often in difficult times that we feel the strength of ties », He recalls.

►Live a Christmas like no other

This Christmas will certainly not have the same flavor, but this difficult period can also give the opportunity to revisit the meaning of this holiday.

►The very long history of the Christmas gift

This tradition refers to the Three Kings but dates back to ancient Rome where gifts were given for the New Year.

►Christmas 2020, the selection of toys from “La Croix”

For children, the magic of Christmas is first of all the gifts. Here is a selection for 2-8 year olds that will put stars in their eyes.

►Christmas 2020, the selection of children’s books from “La Croix”

Seven stories for children and teens, ages 5 to 14, to read warm under the duvet.

►Christmas 2020: the selection of CDs, DVDs and video games from “La Croix”

Musical tales, films and video games that will delight children from 3 to 13 years old.

►Gift ideas: a 100% responsible Christmas

Thinking of others is the meaning of Christmas. Find our gift ideas on online stores or by subscription.

► “Among Us”, “Minecraft”… Six video games to keep the link

Here is a selection that will reconcile parents and children on video games, which are the objects of tension in many families.

►Six innovative and pretty board games to play with the family

Board games are on the rise. We have selected for you beautiful reissues and recent titles with unusual illustrations.


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