Christina Applegate, Rachel’s sister in Friends, announces she suffers from multiple sclerosis

The 49-year-old American actress starred alongside Christian Clavier and Jean Reno in Visitors to America, by Jean-Marie Poiré or in Mars Attacks!

Emmy-winning American actress Christina Applegate has reported suffering from multiple sclerosis and described her condition as “difficult road“. “ A few months ago I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. It has been a strange journey. But I was really supported by relatives who also suffer from this condition. The road has been tough, but as we all know the road continues She said in a tweet on Tuesday.

To quote a friend of mine with multiple sclerosis: “we wake up and make the decisions.” And that’s what I do. So from now on I ask for my privacy until I go through this ordealShe added.

Christina Applegate won an Emmy for her role in the series Friends in 2003 ; she played Amy, Rachel’s sister, played by Jennifer Aniston. She was also selected for the Leading Actress Emmy in the Comedy Series Samantha Who ?, in 2008 and 2009. In 2019 and 2020, Applegate was again nominated in the lead actress category for Dead to Me, shortlisted in the comic series category. At the cinema, we could see him alongside Christian Clavier and Jean Reno in Visitors to America, by Jean-Marie Poiré, Mars attacks! by Tim Burton or in the saga Alvin and the Chipmunks.

Christina Applegate, who first rose to prominence as a child actress on the hit sitcom Married With Children, had already communicated about his previous health problems. She had undergone a double mastectomy after doctors diagnosed her with breast cancer in 2008.


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