Choose fresh milk suitable for your condition and young age

Children drink fresh milk in the morning with more energy, support good sleep at night, drink whole cream if their condition is normal, low fat for overweight.

Milk is one of the eight important food groups that are recommended in the daily diet, especially for young children. In order for drinking milk to have a beneficial effect, parents should also pay attention to the time and choice of milk that is suitable for children.

Dosage and time to drink milk

From 2 years of age, children can drink fresh milk to supplement protein and fat sources; vitamins and minerals (calcium, vitamins A, D, iron …) are needed every day. Depending on the age that parents give their children fresh milk in an appropriate dose. Children 1-2 years old need about 500-600 ml per day. Children 2-6 years old should have about 400-600 ml; 400-500 ml for 6-9 year olds per day.

Many parents often give their children fresh milk in the morning, but note to limit the baby to drink on an empty stomach that can drink after eating. A balanced breakfast with fresh milk with many nutrients provides energy to help children be active, focus mentally for long-day play and learning activities. Drinking milk on an empty stomach can cause digestive disorders, affecting the stomach; creating a feeling of satiety makes the child not want to eat or eat less.

Some children also have a habit of drinking milk before going to bed. According to many studies, drinking a glass of milk at night can help children sleep better and sleep better. The amount of tryptophan – the amino acid found in milk is a key ingredient in the production of sleep-regulating stimulants. Fresh milk is also better absorbed by the body at a time about 2 hours away from the main meal.

Milk offers many health benefits but needs to be drunk properly. Do not mix the drug into milk to reduce the body’s absorption of the drug. Boil fresh milk to kill the bacteria that cause the loss of nutrients easily. Drinking fresh milk with oranges causes precipitation and indigestion.

Fresh milk can be used for children 2 years of age and older and adults to supplement protein, calcium, vitamins and minerals every day. Illustration.

Choose fresh milk

Fresh milk needs to be processed with modern technology, at high temperatures to clean microorganisms, to keep food hygiene and safety. Whole fresh milk is one of the types that maximizes its delicious taste and nutrition.

Children 2 years of age and older with a high need for fat for brain development can use whole milk (if the condition is normal). Children at risk of being overweight or obese can use fresh, low-fat, low-fat or skimmed milk products. Flavored, sweet and easy-to-drink dairy products such as strawberries, and preservative-free chocolate are also choices to help stimulate the taste and create excitement. If your child loves sugar-sweetened milk, parents give their child more water after using the milk, rinse their mouth twice daily in the morning and at night to avoid tooth decay.

Not only children, teenagers, adults are also advised to regularly drink milk to provide calcium, to help prevent osteoporosis. According to the Institute of Nutrition, Vietnamese diets do not meet the recommended calcium needs, only about 50%. Milk is rich in calcium and is a source of calcium with high biological value, helping to improve this micronutrient deficiency. Calcium in milk is in combination with casein, the calcium / phosphorus ratio is suitable, so it is easily absorbed. On the market today, there are also many lines of calcium supplemented milk with high calcium content, supporting the development of the skeleton, strong teeth and bones and contributing to improving the height of the child.

Note the origin

The quality of milk depends on the soil factors and the quality of the dairy herd. This is also the reason why countries famous for milk production such as Australia, New Zealand are highly appreciated. The natural factors favorable for this industry to develop such as a mild climate, cool, large green grasslands all year round, fresh air …

The people here also know how to combine modern technology and traditional breeding methods to create quality finished products. Cows are grazed in the natural environment all year round; Eat fresh grass, drink clean water to produce milk that is pure, natural and rich in nutrients. Technology for processing milk, eliminating bacteria and impurities; Applying advanced techniques in packaging to help the quality of pure fresh milk keep many of the inherent nutrients of cow’s milk.

In Vietnam, it is not difficult to find 100% pure fresh milk imported directly from Australia and New Zealand. One of the familiar dairy brands is Meadow Fresh – a line of pasteurized fresh milk imported from Goodman Fielder – a leading food company in Australia and New Zealand.

Meadow Fresh has a wide range of products such as whole cream (about 3.3% fat) pasteurized fresh milk, low fat pasteurized fresh milk (1.5% fat), and skim pasteurized fresh milk (fat 0, 1%), strawberry flavored milk, chocalate … to meet the diverse needs and tastes of many people.

100% pure fresh milk imported directly from Australia and New Zealand such as Meadow Fresh brand is produced according to the criteria that are pure, natural, rich in nutrients, suitable for children of many ages and the whole family.  Illustration.

100% pure fresh milk imported directly from Australia and New Zealand such as Meadow Fresh brand is produced according to the criteria that are pure, natural, rich in nutrients, suitable for children of many ages and the whole family. Illustration.

Accompanying parents at the end of the year, Meadow Fresh has a promotion of up to 30% at supermarkets and retail outlets nationwide.

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