Cho Ray quantitative testing of antibodies after vaccination against Covid-19

Ho Chi Minh CityCho Ray Hospital is one of the first units in the country to implement quantitative antibody testing after vaccination against Covid-19.

On the afternoon of August 12, Dr. Tran Thanh Vinh, Head of the Department of Biochemistry, Cho Ray Hospital, said that the quantitative antibody test is to assess the body’s ability to respond after vaccination against Covid-19 . Cho Ray Hospital deploys this type of test to serve the treatment of Covid-19 as well as to support people when in need.

According to Dr. Vinh, for testing, the Department of Biochemistry uses the combined antibody quantitative method. This method applies to the group that needs testing to know if the body has antibodies, and if so, how much will be achieved after vaccination. This result helps to assess the body’s ability to respond to vaccination.

In addition, the antibody quantitative test is also applied to the group specified by the doctor, or required to be tested when suspected or infected with Covid-19. The test results will assist in diagnosing whether the body has more or less antibodies, thereby knowing a person’s ability to respond to antibody production.

Antibody quantitative testing system at Cho Ray Hospital. Photo: Hospital provides

Dr. Vinh added, the appropriate time to do a quantitative antibody test is about 28 days after the first injection; 14-28 days after the second injection. Results are returned after about 60 minutes of implementation.

Currently, the quantitative test method to find conjugated antibodies against nCoV has not been widely available and Cho Ray Hospital is considered one of the leading units in applying this test. Regarding costs, the Ministry of Health has no specific regulations on testing costs for quantitative or qualitative nCoV antibodies, Cho Ray Hospital shared.

In addition, Dr. Vinh recommended that before the complicated development of the disease as well as unpredictable variations of the virus, people who have been vaccinated and know the results of antibody quantification after injection should not be subjective. Everyone needs to always follow the Ministry of Health’s 5K rule for epidemic prevention at all times.

As of the evening of August 12, Ho Chi Minh City recorded a total of 137,008 cases of Covid-19 in the fourth wave of the epidemic. Currently, the city has injected nearly 4 million doses of Covid-19 vaccine.

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