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Chinese rover found ‘mystery house’ on the surface of the moon, photos go viral

Chinese Rover: A mysterious cube-shaped object has been seen on the surface of the Moon through China’s Yutu-2 moon rover, about which there is a lot of speculation on social media. Recently, China’s Space Agency released a picture of this cube-shaped object. According to, the rover saw the object when it was making its way away from the Moon into the Von Karman crater.

Part of Chang’e 4 Mission

The Yutu-2 rover is part of China’s Chang’e 4 mission to the Moon. It has been searching for the farthest part of the Moon since the year 2019. Andrew Jones, a journalist at, wrote in his tweet shared on Friday, “We have an update on the far side of the Moon via Yutu-2. One in Northern Horizon, 80 meters from the rover in the Von Karman crater. There is a cube-shaped picture, referred to as the ‘mystery house’. He further wrote, “This is not an obelisk or aliens, but definitely something to investigate and it’s hard to know much from the picture.” “

According to CNET, this cube-shaped mysterious object seen through the rover has been dubbed the ‘mystery house’ and for scientists to see this object properly, there is a possibility that the rover should be taken closer to this object. be gone. At the same time, since the release of the picture of this object, it has become a topic of discussion on Twitter.

shards on the surface of the moon

In the year 2019, Yutu-2 discovered a green gel-like substance on the Moon that came out in the form of a rock or specifically a rock-like substance that is formed when minerals and rocks mix together. Recently, the rover found a ‘shard’ on the surface of the Moon, which is like a rock. At the same time, now there is a lot of speculation about what this cube-shaped object could be?

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