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Chinese Foreign Minister targeted America, said- Beijing will not bow down to ‘blackmail or pressure’

China-US Relations: China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on Sunday that the US’s approach to China has become too distorted but Beijing is under “blackmail or pressure”. Won’t bow down. Significantly, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken recently called China “the most serious challenge to the international order in the long term”.

In his address on Thursday at the George Washington University in the US, Blinken said that China is the only country whose intention is to bring about a change in the international order and it has the economic, diplomatic, and economic resources to do so. There is also military and technical strength.

,China’s biggest challenge,
Blinken described China as “the most serious challenge to the international order and the US in the long run”. He said that China is intensifying competition through investment, alliance and competition strategy, but it has to avoid any kind of conflict/tension or else a new cold war will start for the communist country.

China’s foreign minister retaliated
China’s foreign minister hit back, calling Blinken’s analysis a campaign to malign America. Wang Yi, who is currently traveling to the Pacific countries, said Blinken’s speech reflects America’s strategy for China and that the US approach is “very distorted”. Has gone.

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