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Chinese Corona Virus Vaccine Taking Indian Merchants In Nepal, Learn What Is The Reason

Indian businessmen doing business in China are now waiting for their turn to get vaccinated in hospitals in Nepal. They are all arriving here to get the Chinese Kovid-19 vaccine installed. According to Nepalese officials, there has been a huge rush of Indian businessmen in the country’s hospitals this week. & Nbsp;

Officials said that Indian businessmen are reaching Kathmandu to take the Chinese Kovid-19 vaccine. Officials told that some traders coming here from China were talking in Hindi, after that it was found that they are all Indian businessmen who are doing business in China. He said that Chinese identity cards have also been found from some Indian businessmen, which clearly shows that they are all Indian businessmen. & Nbsp;

Corona vaccine mandatory to enter China

Officials of Shukraj Tropical and Infectious Diseases Hospital, Tiku, said that more than 30 Indian businessmen living in China have recently received the Corona vaccine here and all of them had arrived here specifically to get the Corona vaccine. Please tell that it is mandatory to get corona vaccine to enter China. This is the reason why Indian businessmen living in China are flying from India to get Corona vaccine. Officials said that the matter is being investigated seriously and soon such businessmen will not be vaccinated with Corona. He told that we are going to implement new rules, under which the vaccinees will have to show Nepali identity card, only then they will be able to apply for vaccination of Corona.

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