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Chinese army claims- Indo-China jawans returning from north-south bank of Pangong Tso Lake

The Chinese military has announced on Wednesday that Indian and Chinese army personnel have started returning from the south and northern shores of Pangong Tso Lake. Here, the soldiers of the army on both sides were standing in front of each other for the last several months. On behalf of China’s Defense Ministry, it was told that the withdrawal of troops has started after the agreement reached during the Corps Commander level talks on 24 January.

Chinese Ministry of Defense National Defense spokesman, Colonel Wu Qian, issued a written statement on Wednesday, saying that the front line troops of China and India have started withdrawing from North and South Pangong Tso Lake. This step has been in agreement with the agreement reached at the ninth COPS commander level talks between India and China.

On the other hand, sources in the Indian Army have said that it was agreed to remove troops from some other areas of the Line of Actual Control, including Pangong Tso, and the work of repelling the troops has been started.

Significantly, since May 5 last year, there was a tense situation on the Line of Actual Control since the skirmish between the army personnel of India and China in the Pangong Tso Valley of Ladakh. After this, the bloody violence that took place in the Galvan Valley on June 15, such an incident was seen for the first time after many decades on the India-China border. There was a lot of damage from both sides in this incident In the Gawan violence, 20 Indian soldiers were killed while more than 40 Chinese soldiers were killed. However, China had never revealed the official figure of the death of its soldiers to the world.

Since then, there has been a continuous discussion between India and China on military and diplomatic level to reduce tension. On the other hand, China deployed a large number of war planes and weapons along with about 60 thousand soldiers. In response, arms and fighter aircraft were deployed with the same number of youth from India.

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